Run scheduled jobs for Node.JS

An open-source queuing system that's easy to setup and simple to maintain.

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Create new queues on the fly

No config files and zero lines of code. Spin up a new queue to start scheduling jobs in a matter of seconds.

Cron based scheduling
Powered by BullMQ
Backed by Redis
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Drag and drop jobs to your queue

Configure your jobs via JSON and drop it in to get them processing right away. Use the dashboard to then track their progress at any stage.

Spin up workers with minimal code

Focus on writing code that provides the most value and let ZeroQueue + BullMQ handle the rest.


Simple, transparent pricing

Starting at $20/month for a standalone instance of ZeroQueue.

Self Hosted

ZeroQueue is open source!

  • Simple setup with docker
  • Bring your own infrastructure

Fully Managed

Limited pricing for early adopters

$20/ month
  • Fully managed instance
  • Unlimited Queues
  • Unlimited Jobs
  • Technical support
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